Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rest in peace

My life's been touched by quite a few deaths lately.

Seems that it doesn't come in threes at all... More like schools. 

Rest in peace to all and especially to my cousin Adnan.

Nan, we all love you so very much and you now reside across the universe.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Delicious days are still here

Eating healthfully, mindfully and with the intention to possess a nice small waist and flat tummy doesn't require much especially when one is already on a regular and high impact workout routine. 

It just takes a lot of resignation, heaps of dedication and of course giving up delicious (but unhealthy) foods as your daily intake.

I know for a fact that my former self would scoff and roll her eyes at that one but seriously... This is what it takes and it is absolutely doable for almost everyone !

Don't have your sinful burger or pasta dish once a week... Make it a once in two months affair instead. 

And THAT'S when you can live it up !

Go crazy !

And feel good about oneself still. 

Here is my pictorial record of some of my delicious days...

(Apologies for the uneven photo quality!) 

 My absolutely delicious and authentic Maggi Goreng Mamak Pedas.

 Homemade spaghetti bolognaise... I'm sure you have your own pet spagbol recipe. 

This is how I like to serve mine the best - leftover pasta and sauce are stir fried together and doused with a huge cloud of freshly grated parmigiano reggiano :9 :9 :9

Three top faves at my top fave steak restaurant which is (of course) Jake's Charbroil Steaks :)

Aged Tenderloin, Lobster Thermidor and Rack of Lamb. 

Ooh La La. 

This is the best and most satisfying burger which has ever crossed my lips and it is called Bash from KGB Bangsar.

A short and saliva-inducing desription of the Bash to make up the poor quality of the pic :

Grilled grassfed beef, beef bacon relish, provolone cheese, caramelized onions and maple cornflakes.

Hoo Boy !

So to my dear readers, I end this rich post with a salute to a health-conscious lifestyle and a very enthusiastic high-five to occasional days of pigging out to one's content :) 

Hugs and kisses. DZ

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Are The Best!

Rambling ahead, so beware ! 

When I was 13 coming to 14, I discovered Seattle grunge rock

Needless to say these new musical influences (if you are a child of the 90s I hardly need to list down the bands I am referring to) drastically changed the course of my life and shaped me for what I am today - for reals.

I was a straight A, top 10 (sometimes top 5) student and when this thing happened to me all hell went loose and I could hardly care about school anymore. (sorry, mama.)

I dumped my beloved Seventeen mags, baking books and Enid Blytons and instead went for Kerrang!, Q, Australian Rolling Stone (American Rolling Stone was much too expensive for those high school days) and I idolised The Catcher In The Rye - or really, anything that questioned the mainstream and glorified the marginalised.

I got my mum to buy me a pretty good acoustic guitar and wrote songs incessantly.

One was unmemorably called "Dissect The Froggy" LOL. 

Oh lawd.

As for duds I would shop the mens section of The East India Company (back then in the early 90s this brand was shit hot and was our answer to Banana Republic basic wear). 

Loose black sweaters, loose jeans, fake doc marts, short-short hair.

And when OAG came a'rolling in the mid 90s I was in seventh heaven 'cos finally there was a mainstream local band that UNDERSTOOD :D

Oh... Those angsty days. How I would revisit my 13 going on 14 self and tell her - lonesome, zitty and badly hair-gelled - that everything will turn out OK. 

So what made me recall all these long suppressed forgotten memories ? 

This awesome looking Swedish movie :) 

Two 13 year old punk girls attempt to create a band. 

How I wish my young self could watch it ! 

Were you an angsty grunge post-preteen too ?